Digital Pianos

ARIUS Series Digital Pianos

The ARIUS series of digital pianos is a great place to start your musical journey. The variety of features and weighted action keyboards are perfect for hobbyists and students. Stylish cabinets enhance your home's decor.

CFX Concert Grand

Newly sampled for the ARIUS Series, the Yamaha flagship CFX 9' concert grand provides incredible dynamic range for the deepest lows to the most resonant highs.

Acoustic Piano Playability

ARIUS digital pianos feature 88-note weighted keyboard actions. The actions work to replicate acoustic piano keyboards with a graded touch which feels heavier in the lower register and lighter in the upper octaves.

´╗┐Digital Piano Convenience

Enjoy playing a piano that never needs tuning along with being able to play whenever inspiration strikes through headphones. The Stereophonic Optimizer makes headphone listening even more enjoyable by producing the natural, spatious sound of a concert grand piano that seems to come from the body of the instrument itself and not headphones.