YAMAHA Clavinova

CVP Series

CVP Series Ensemble Pianos

The CVP Series not only offer the touch and tone of world-class concert grand pianos but hundreds of other premium musical instrument voices. New technologies such as Super Articulation bring the subtle nuances of many instruments to the piano keyboard. Saxophones, guitars, and many other voices come to life seamlessly adapting to your playing style. Whether you are a hobbyist, educator or professional there are features for every player. Professional backing bands follow your every note. Music notation and song lyrics appear on the beautiful built in displays. Extensive recording capabilities including both MIDI and audio.

Voices & Styles

The CVP-800 Series offers hundreds of voices that allow you to perform virtually any style of music and create extraordinary multi-track recordings.
An incredible range of interactive backing styles allow you to instantly play along with a band or orchestra that follows your lead. It's never been more fun to play the piano!

Voices & Styles

Something for Everyone

Not only is the CVP Clavinova an amazing interactive piano but plug in a microphone and you're ready for the ultimate sing-along.Follow on-screen lyrics while a built-in vocal harmonizer adds natural harmonies to your voice or the Clavinova can even transform your voice with a variety of effects.
Use music from your own audio library with the ability to mute vocals, change the song key, and even alter the tempo.

Something for Everyone




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