Experience A Yamaha Piano Like Never Before

A piano in your room


With Piano AR you can now see what a Yamaha piano would look like in your room. Rotate and place the true-to-life 3D piano models anywhere you want or choose different finish options to visualize how the piano would work with your décor.

Easy to use


Just select the piano model you want to view from its specifications page on your smartphone or tablet — no dedicated application needed. Explore the detailed 3D piano model and even take a picture of what it looks like in your room.

See and hear


Not only will you be able to envision the piano through augmented reality, you can also tap the 3D piano model to hear how it sounds.

Compatibility and Specifications

[Information on usage]

*Product layouts from this service are simulations only and do not constitute any guarantee regarding installation. Note that there may be errors in dimensions.

*The results of products displayed using this service do not constitute a guarantee of actual product size, color, or materials, etc. Image size and color may be different from those of the actual product.

*Please refer to the product detail pages for information on product specifications. 

*Depending on signal conditions in the area, the display may take some time to load. It may not be possible to use this service in some environments.

*Data fees may apply. We recommend using the service in locations where wi-fi is available.

*Recommended operating systems are as follows.

- The latest versions of iOS or Android

The service may not function correctly on some devices even if the above requirements are satisfied.

*Updates to any of these operating systems or browsers may cause the service to stop functioning.

*Implementation of additional content-related functions may require functionality from the latest devices.

Accordingly, please be aware that some of the content developed may not function correctly on some devices.

[♪] Tap the 3D model to have Piano AR play sound, and then tap it again to stop playback. Please be aware of your surroundings when using this service. Sound from this service may not be audible if your phone is in silent mode or if the volume is turned down.