Types of Pianos

Vertical Pianos

Vertical pianos are similar in width and depth and mainly are differentiated by height. When planning your room figure on just under 5’ of width and about 2’ of depth.

Spinet Piano

The smallest of the vertical pianos these usually are 36” to 39” tall. The piano actions are compressed and are attached to the keys by a rod mechanism. These pianos are harder to service and regulate and are not currently being manufactured.

Console Piano

Consoles are generally between 40” and 44” tall. They usually have high furniture value and are suited for home use. Most have full size actions although some manufacturers will compress the actions to reduce cost.

Studio Piano

Studio pianos are between 45” and 47” tall. These are a popular choice for schools and churches. Recently some cabinet designs have made these more popular for home use as well.

Upright Piano

Upright pianos are generally 48” to 52” tall. These pianos are the choice of players looking for grand piano type sound without taking up as much space.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos come in many styles. From slim vertical designs to large player piano type grands there is a digital for most price points and feature needs.

High quality digital pianos offer a tremendous value in progressive hammer actions which require no regulating and concert grand quality sound without tuning.

Digital pianos also offer other features for education, variety of voices, customizable piano sounds, and the ability to control the volume or even wear headphones.

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are characterized by the way they are constructed. The strings and soundboard lay horizontally and the hammer that strikes the string swings up and then falls back to rest. Grand pianos generally offer more sound projection and faster key repetition.

There have been many marketing names given to the sizes of grand pianos through the years. Gallery Grands, Parlor Grands, Studio Grands, and Baby Grands to name a few. There are no official guide lines to these names although a grand piano under 5’ long is generally accepted as a Baby Grand. Grand pianos range from around 4’7” up to about 9’ for Concert Grands.

The “Right” Size Piano

Before you shop for a piano think about where you would like the instrument to sit. Do some measuring yourself or use our free in-home design help. We will come to your home and evaluate acoustics, environment, and use templates to help you picture the instrument in your home.

Spinet Piano

Console Piano

Studio Piano

Upright Piano

Digital Piano

Grand Piano

Choosing the Right Piano

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