Piano Service

Quality Tuning & Repair

Having our own shop affirms our commitment to our family of customers that every new or pre-owned piano is checked and serviced before being available for sale and includes the manufacturer's or Music City Gold Seal Warranty.

We are available for tuning and service on your piano. We may also be able to recommend a technician for your specific needs or location. Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.

Piano Shop


While looking at used pianos it is important to not end up with someone else’s problem. With the availability of free advertising on the internet many people are offering low priced or even free pianos. When considering a piano from a private party it is in your best interest to have a qualified piano technician evaluate the piano before you purchase. By spending a few dollars up front you can save yourself much grief. Contact us for piano service or piano appraisals.

Tuning and Repair

Tuning & Repair

Manufacturers recommend piano tunings twice per year. Pianos are mechanical wonders made from wood and metals and are in an almost constant state of flux. Environmental changes such as temperature and humidity cause the instruments to expand and contract. These forces along with how a piano strikes its strings mean a piano will need tuning whether it is played or not and will usually need more tuning under heavy use.