Piano Rentals

When beginning piano lessons it helps to start out on a quality instrument. Piano playing is all about “touch and tone”. Trying to learn on the “craigslist special” or portable keyboard can be discouraging and ultimately expensive. Our piano rental program is an ideal entry into the world of playing the piano. You get grand piano touch and tone with a very low monthly fee. Certain restrictions apply so please visit us and learn all of the details.

Roland Digital Piano

This is the perfect entry-level piano for students and hobbyists as it offers realistic sound and touch with a small footprint. Packed with practice-friendly features, this piano has been designed with skill building in mind. Its on-board metronome, recorder, and Twin Piano feature make learning efficient and fun. The SuperNATURAL® Piano engine delivers incredibly realistic sound and response, and the Ivory Feel-G keyboard is pure luxury. Enjoy a grand-piano experience at a fraction of the size.

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Roland Digital Piano