Clavinova CSP Series

A smart piano for every player.

CSP Series Smart Pianos

You have always dreamed of learning to play your favorite songs. The Clavinova CSP will make this dream come true! By scanning the songs in your smart devices's music library, the CSP will produce a chord chart, a piano score, and will show you what keys to play, and when, with the innovative Stream Lights feature. Never before has technology been able to make this dream a reality!

Intuitive Simplicity

Enjoy simple, intuitive operation from smart devices with the dedicated app, "Smart Pianist”. Clavinova CSP uses a virtual “button free” design that uses your own smart device to unlock a myriad of features that offer both entertainment and education environments.

Intuitive Simplicity

No More Frustrations

The CSP Clavinova will dispel any preconceptions you may have about playing the piano being a difficult and frustrating experience. The dedicated CSP app analyzes the music that you want to play and then creates a piano accompaniment score for you. All you have to do is follow the Stream Lights!

No More Frustrations

For the Beginner and Seasoned Player

When you’re ready to take on the challenge of solo performance, the CSP offers built-in songs for immediate enjoyment, or additional songs for purchase from Yamaha MusicSoft. And even if you’re not confident in your own playing abilities, you can trust the Stream Lights to show you the way.

For the Beginner and Seasoned Player

Solo, Band, Orchestra...

There is no limit to your creativity and expression with Clavinova CSP. Choose from hundreds of instrument voices with the option of having amazing orchestra or bands join in. Rock, jazz, and latin bands are just a few of the bands at your command.
For sing along just plug in a microphone and let the built-in vocal harmonizer enhance your performance.

Solo, Band, Orchestra...

Video Gallery

Clavinova CSP Overvew

Learn more about the amazingly interactive Clavinova CSP Series.

First And Foremost A Piano

The sound and touch of a grand piano as only Yamaha, a world leader in acoustic pianos, can deliver.

The Piano Room

Select from a variety of pianos and environments and customize the sound to your preference.

Amazing Voices

Choose from hundreds of authentic voices including pianos, organs, guitars, strings, horns, and more.

Interactive Music

Play along with your favorite music with the inovative audio to score and MIDI to score options.

Join The Band

The Clavinova CSP can add the perfect backing band to the songs you play. Choose from hundreds of dazzling accompaniment styles with variations.

Record Your Music

Record yourself with the 16 track MIDI studio or in audio format. Even plug in a microphone and add vocals!

Going Solo

Even without connecting your smart device the Clavinova CSP gives you access to a range of voices and features.