LX708 $7,599.99*

Pure Acoustic Tone and Ambience in a Luxurious Cabinet

The flagship model of the LX-Series. Features a luxurious tall cabinet housing with opening lid, a Hybrid Grand Keyboard with Haptic feedback, and an 8-speaker, 4-way Acoustic Projection Sound System.

Roland LX708 Digital Piano

Elegant Design

The LX-708 stands out from other pianos with a taller cabinet that makes a luxurious statement featuring one piece side panels and curved edges.

Elegant Design

Ultra Expressive Touch

Treat your fingers and your toes to the Hybrid Grand Keyboard and Responsive Damper Action Pedal. The keys are longer than typically found on digital pianos with the pivot points of both the white and black keys sitting back further to give you grand piano style key balance and response with smooth key travel. Sleek wooden sides encase a durable inner frame for maintenance-free reliability. The LX-708 even reproduces the physical vibrations of that resonate through a grand piano's keys as you play while you gain the control of a fine grand piano's damper pedal necessary for advance techniques.

Ulra Expressive Touch

Pure Acoustic Piano

With two world-class piano tones, the LX-708 is sure to satisfy. Pure Acoustic creates remarkable tonal character that you won't find anywhere else. Sound is created as you play to give you an ever changing live sound without the limits of sampling.

The addition of Pure Acoustic Ambience let's you perform in a wide variety of modeled environments.

Pure Acoustic

Acoustic Projection

Experience the sound of playing a concert grand in a great venue with the LX-708's Acoustic Projection Sound System. Powerful amplifiers drive an 8-speaker, 4-channel system, with opening top lid, that expresses every nuance of sound from hammer strikes to cabinet resonance. All in the correct sound field. It's truly an experience that you can't put into words.

Acoustic Projection

Bluetooth Wireless

Wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the LX-708 to stream your music through the piano's sound system or interact with apps including the exclusive "Roland Piano App".

Bluetooth Wireless

*Polished Ebony $8,439.99. Polished White $8,659.99